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Scientific Schools of Chernivtsi National University

Schools acknowledged in the scientific world work efficiently, among them are:

Fundamental and applied research of semiconductor materials and devices on their basis (founded in 1956).

In 2006 scientific research was carried out by 12 doctors and 38 associate professors.

Physical and chemical methods of obtaining the quasi-naught dimensional (OD) quantum structures from semi-magnetic semiconductors like nano-crystals, nano-particles, quantum dots were elaborated; research on the problem of implantation of the semiconductor nano-particles into different dielectric matrices (glass, polymer) using laser methods was carried out. Research of the structural, optical, magnetic-optical abilities of OD systems was pursued to find regularities of the co-influence of the quantum-size effect and spin interrelations.

Algorithms and software for calculation and graphic presentation of the multiwave difractograms of the azimuth scanning, received from the crystals of different level of perfection and many-layer systems were elaborated. Influence of the noncoherent diffusion of X-rays on the formation of multiwave distribution of intensity by diffraction on the many-layer systems was defined.

Thermodynamics of the growth was studied and technologies of growing the monocrystals of the new semi-magnetic semiconductors using Bridgeman methods and those of solid body recrystallization were optimized; their electronic and microscopic, structural and optical research was also conducted.

The nature of dominating dot defects in monocrystals CdTe at deflection of stechiometry both to cadmium and tellurium was identified. Investigation of the behaviour of V elements in CdTe was started. Original method of chemical synthesis CdTe nano-parts was elaborated.

Basic regulations of the theory of formation defects displaying in X-ray tri-crystal interferometry were elaborated.

In a wide range of temperatures elasticity characteristics of silicon irradiated by highly powerful electrons were studied; dependence of the multiwave X-ray difractional dynamic effects on the kind of deformational fields was identified.

Theoretical methods of reproduction of the real relief of material surface by means of 2 and 3-crystal X-ray reflectometry were developed.

Methods and algorithms of profiles deformation reproduction from the fluctuation (heaving, fluttering) curves, appeared at powerful laser, ion and highly powerful electronic irradiation of the optical and microelectronics were elaborated.

In 2006 a doctoral thesis and 2 Ph. D. theses were defended, a monograph and 10 textbooks were published, 3 avowed licenses for the inventions were received, 174 scientific articles were published and 160 reports were made at the scientific conferences.

Material study of halcogenid semi-conductors and metal oxides for infra-red devices, dosimetry, sensorics, sun energy and spintronics (founded in 2003)

In the scientific research of 2006 2 doctors and 13 assistant professors were engaged.

New fundamental information on the peculiarities of joint influence of electric field and light wave on the optical abilities of semiconductor with the drifting instability was obtained. Semiconductor photo-response theory with photo-Gann-effect was developed.

Technological conditions of making thin films of transparent metal oxides meeting the highest world standards were elaborated.

Laboratory models of the effective electronic devices of household and social purpose with the solar battery power-supply were created.

There was published a monograph based on the scientific research, 3 textbooks, 18 scientific articles, and 33 reports were made at the scientific conferences.

Statistical optics and holography (founded in 1963)

Research is carried out by 6 doctors of science and 21 assistant professors. Among the basic scientific results one could highlight the following:

Theoretical and experimental research of the polarized structure of the laser radiation, passed through optical fiber has been conducted; diagnostic polarized criteria effective in the diagnostics of the corner fiber orientation have been enhanced, and its indices of refraction were identified; algorithms and methods of polarized reproduction of the optical (index of refraction) and geometric (orientation) structure of the optical fiber were elaborated.

Theoretical and experimental research of the polarized structure of the object fields of physiologically normal and pathologically changed biological tissues has been carried out. Identification of diagnostic polarized criteria effective in the preclinical diagnostics of the biological tissue state has been conducted. There were elaborated algorithms and methods of the polarized selection of the images of biological tissues for obtaining the set of orientational and phase tomograms of their architectonics.

There was defined the nature of coloring the sources of white (polychromatic) light which can be observed through one-fold scattering medium.

A new method of diagnostics of rough surfaces has been elaborated and approved, and its effective use for research of determined phase structures with the “deep” phase modulation was proved.

A mechanism of light absorbing by the stratified crystal under the influence of outer magnet field was studied, and an effect of the bistable switching of initial parameters in different directions of its radiation was predicted.

4 individual and 3 group grants were received from the Optical Society of America (OSA), international society of the optical engineers (SPIE), Ministry of Education of France. Scientific and technical cooperation with the Institute for biomedical engineering (Warsaw) and the Department of Optics of the University of Bucharest still continues.

In 2006 2 Ph. D. theses were defended, 5 textbooks, 72 scientific articles were published, 25 reports at the scientific conferences were made due to the results of the research.

Environmental protection (founded in 1982)

In 2006 10 Doctors of Science and 60 Associate professors took part in the research. A research was carried out and grading of the potential of the development of ecological tourism in the region was elaborated in 2006. There was prepared a description of the main kinds of recreation suitable for ecological tourism in mountainous areas; value assessment of the total resource potential for the needs of green tourism, grading and rating of the esthetics of the landscapes of the region; list and passports of the natural excursion objects of the region.

Materials for the project of the foundation of the Cheremosh National Park of Nature were prepared.

A general cartographic model of the horological morphological structure of the basic landscapes of Ukrainian and Romanian boundaries and an explanatory note to it were elaborated and they can be used as the fundamentals for physical and geographical, geophysical, ecological, geodemographical, geographically retrospective and other researches.

Methods of investigation of karst landscapes and methodological basis of evaluation of karst danger were analyzed. Basic principles and approaches to the study of karst danger problem were worked out. A complex landscape method of karst investigation was elaborated. The basic factors of karstogenisis were identified. Incongruity of the existing methodological base to the existing problems of the use of nature in the karst regions was exposed.

2 doctoral and 5 Ph.D. theses were defended based on the results of the research, 19 monographs, 3 textbooks, 19 manuals, 169 scientific articles were published, 242 reports were made at the scientific conferences.

Bukovyna: history and present day (founded in 1995)

Scientific research was conducted in 2006 by 6 doctors and 30 assistant professors in the following directions:

  • Development of the ethnological science in Ukraine in XIX-XX centuries.
  • Ethnographical and religious situation in Bukovyna in XIV – early XIX centuries.
  • Applied decorative art of Bukovyna (embroidery).
  • Winter calendar rites of the Bukovynian Ukrainians.
  • National agricultural technique of the Bukovynians.
  • Wedding rites of the Bukovynian Ukrainians.
  • Russian Old Believers of Bulkovyna.
  • Bykovynian national (folk) weaving.
  • Question on the history of Bukovyna in the between war period.

International scientific conference was prepared and held “Kaindl readings” (May 2006) was held by the scientists of the school.

5 Ph.D. theses were defended due to the results of the scientific research, 8 monographs, 4 manuals, 109 scientific articles have been published, 145 reports were made at international conferences.

Aspects of Literature and Language Studies in Bukovyna: the past and the present (founded in 1995)

In 2006 the scientific research was carried out by 6 doctors and 30 associate professors.

Information material for the perspective plan of an encyclopedic reference book “The heritage of the Christian culture in Bukovyna” was collected; information on the results of the research of the Romanian historians, specialists in the study of language and literature on the influence of the Church Slavonic tradition upon the development of the Romanian literature and the Romanian language was prepared for introduction to the scientific circulation in Ukraine; the bibliography was compiled to prepare analytical articles on the topic “The life and work of Petro Mohyla in the research of Ukrainian and Romanian scientists”. Due to the research of the novel Romanian literature and its introduction to the Ukrainian scientific circulation, several factors giving an opportunity to show a complete cultural basis of book-printing and functioning of the Church Slavonic language on the territory of the Southern Bukovyna and on the Ukrainian land being a part of Rich Pospolyta by the XVIIth century were revealed.

The prose of Bohdan Lepkyy in the context of West Ukrainian novel writing at the end of XIX – early XX centuries was researched. It is indicated that innovation works of Bohdan Lepkyy have greatly enriched the subject-matter, stylistic and genre palette of the Ukrainian prose of the end of the XIX – early XX centuries.

Systematic genological analysis of all the Ivan Franko’s lyrics was made. It was indicated that the achievements of Franko in the field of creation of genre found its continuation in the formation of genre systems of Ukrainian poets of XX century, such as M. Rylskyy, M. Zerov, D. Pavlychko, B. Rubchak, A. Malyshko.

A scientific conference “Current problems of syntax” was held, problems of different aspects of the contemporary syntax theories were the subject of discussions.

In 2006 8 doctoral theses were defended, 3 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 7 manuals, 190 scientific articles were published, 70 reports at the scientific conferences were made.

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