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Міжнародний вокально-хоровий конкурс-фестиваль «Хай пісня скликає друзів»
Magna Carta Universitatum

Yuriy Fedkovych
Chernivtsi National University,
2 Kotsjubynskyi Str.
Chernivtsi 58012,
Tеl. +380-372-526235,
Fax +380-372-552914,


The College of Modern European Languages

The College offers 4-year (Bachelor degree) and 5-year (Specialist and Master degree) programs (full-time, part-time and external) in Philology:

  • The English Language and Literature
  • The German Language and Literature
  • The French Language and Literature
  • English - Ukrainian Translation
  • German - Ukrainian Translation
  • French - Ukrainian Translation

The College includes the departments of English; Germanic, General, and Comparative Linguistics; French; The Theory and Practice of Translation, Foreign Languages for Sciences Majors Foreign Languages for Humanities Majors. The College offers various subjects in four areas - humanitarian, fundamental, professional, and socio-economic.

The Department of English focuses on English Linguistics, TESL/TEFL Methodology. The Department cooperates with international educational organizations, Civil Education Project, British Council, Peace Corps, foreign embassies and universities. Annually professors and students have internship and research in universities of Great Britain, Canada, and the USA.

The Department of Germanic, General, and Comparative Linguistics provides theoretical and practical courses in General and Germanic Linguistics, Translation Theory, Lexicology, History of German, Grammar, and Phonetics of German. Academics from Germany and Austria give classes in contemporary German at the Department.

The Department of French has had internship in France since 1991. Lecturers from France give classes in French and methodology of teaching French at the Department.

The Department of Theory and Practice of Translation trains translators and interpreters in the field of English-Ukrainian, French-Ukrainian and German-Ukrainian translation.

Since a good knowledge of English as a foreign language is an integral part of the University education there are the Departments of Foreign Languages for Humanities majors and Foreign Languages for Sciences majors. The students can use their EFL skills for career promotion.

The College graduates are employed as teachers and instructors at various educational institutions, interpreters and translators of various international organizations, companies, and foreign embassies. The College syllabus ensures the graduates with a successful employment.


Volodymyr I. Kushneryk
PhD (Philology), Associate Professor

Office Address:

2 Kotsiubynsky Str.,
Chernivtsi 58012, Ukraine
tel.: (0372)58-48-45,
e-mail: clg-mell>pЎв@#¦АЛЪchnu.edu.ua

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