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Present-Day Stage in The Development of Faculty of Geography

The period of intensive structural reconstruction within the Faculty of Geography proceeds from 1990, when a Department of geography and cartography of Ukraine (second in the country at that time, after that of Lviv university) was founded. Professor Y.I. Zhupanskiy headed a new formation, completed basically with the Department of hydrology and climatology scientists and tutors.

A young Ukrainian state, accompanied by rise of social and political activities, urged for new ways and approaches in the development of geographical education and science on both a country-wide scale, and on the level of separate regions. It seemed necessary to leave behind a tough frame of geographers preparation (as a rule, secondary school geographers preparation, characteristic for 1970 – 1990-s of the XX century), on the one hand, and to promptly react on the country economy needs, on the other. All these required, at least on the regional level, academic groups breaking up into smaller parts, and individualization of specialists’ training.

Introduction at the Department of economic geography, in 1996, of a new specialty (“Management of nature preserving activity”) had become a big step toward meeting these needs. The specialty was totally new within Ukrainian higher school institutions and the first to be introduced in Chernivtsi university. The first academic group of 30 students-managers instilled a new life-giving stream into organization of educational and scientific work, and had, in 1998, initiated one more specialty – “Management of organizations”. Such course of events was only natural, since 3 professors, Doctors of sciences – M.P. Krachylo, V.P. Rudenko and A.Y. Shvydenko – were already working there.

As to a certain point an echo to Chornobyl catastrophe in 1986, and the outburst of “unidentified” Chernivtsi disease in 1988, introduction in 1999 of a new specialty (in co-operation with biologists and chemists) – “Ecology and environment protection” (specialization “Hydro-ecology”) – had also become an important stage in the faculty development. Assistant professor V.O. Dzhaman, Dean of the faculty at that time, was the one who spared much of his time and energy to that matter. The first full-scale graduation of Specialists and Masters in hydro-ecology had taken place in 2004 (15 graduates of daytime form of education).

Specialists’ preparation specter extension activities rise at the faculty on the borderline of the milleniums. New engineer’s specialties – “Water supply and draining of water” (specialization “Regional water resources utilization and protection”), and “Land inventory and cadaster” (specialization “Management of territories”) - are introduced in 2001. 17 and 16 school-leavers correspondingly are admitted to begin their first academic year. This same year is also remarkable for introduction of one more specialization – “Management of tourism industry” (within specialty “Management of organizations”) – at the Department of economic geography and ecological management (present-day name since 2001), with 25 new students.

And, at last, Faculty of Geography introduces, 2 new specialties: “Economic and social geography”, 16 students, in 2003, and “Tourism”, 50 students, in 2004.

The number of students increased during 2001 – 2005 1,7 times, tutors – 1,4 times. This could naturally not but lead to opening of new faculty departments. In May – June 2001 the Department of hydro-ecology, water supply and draining of water was organized (Head – Prof. M.I. Kyrylyuk, Ph.D. (Geography)). Its future graduates will specialize in “Ecology and environment protection”, and “Water supply and draining of water”. The 5th faculty department, opened in February 2003, is the Department of tourism geography and management, headed by assistant professor M.V. Zhuk, Ph.D. (Economics). The department prepares specialists in “Management of organizations” (specialization “Management of tourism industry”) and “Tourism” (see Table 1).

Department of physical geography and rational nature utilization (Head – Prof. V.M. Gutsulyak, Ph.D. (Geography), alongside with the departments of geography and cartography of Ukraine (Head – assistant professor V.O. Dzaman, Ph.D. (Geography), and economic geography and ecological management (Head – Prof. V.P. Rudenko, Ph.D. (Geography), train future specialists in basic specialty – “Geography”. Beside this, geographers and cartographers of Ukraine

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