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Міжнародний вокально-хоровий конкурс-фестиваль «Хай пісня скликає друзів»
Magna Carta Universitatum

Yuriy Fedkovych
Chernivtsi National University,
2 Kotsjubynskyi Str.
Chernivtsi 58012,
Tеl. +380-372-526235,
Fax +380-372-552914,


The College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

The College offers 4-year (Bachelor degree) and 5-year (Specialist and Master degree) programs (full-time, part-time and external) in:

  • Pre-School Education
  • Music Art
  • Primary Education
  • Psychology
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Physical Education

There are eight departments of General and Social Pedagogy, Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education, Psychology, Music, Physical Education and Valeology, Physical Education, Medicine.

The Faculty numbers 174 academics, including nine full professors, fifty-seven associate professors, 3 doctoral candidates. The College offers graduate studies (candidate and doctorate).

The faculty do the research in Creative Personality Formation, History of Education in Bukovyna, Ukrainian Diaspora's Pedagogy, Applied Scientific Aspects of Teacher Training at a Classical University in Ukraine. The scientists of the College are carrying out a fundamental investigation of social and psychological problems of upbringing children in distant families as well as methodological and theoretical principles of specialist training in this field.

The College has various scientific relations with Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, Mykhailo Dragomanov National Teacher Training University, the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, the Institute of Education and the Institute of Pedagogy of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other Ukrainian scientific and educational institutions as well as Moscow State University, Kursk Teacher Training University, California State University (Fullerton, USA), Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Edmonton, Canada), Beltsk State University (Moldova), etc.

The College also includes the following art groups “Rezonans” Folk Choir, violin ensemble, bandura ensemble, folk instruments orchestra, women choir, bayan ensemble, “Gratsia” dance group. They are the repeated prize-winners of the University contests.

The College students take part in sport competitions, and their teams are regular prize-winners of Ukrainian Student Games.


Igor M. Zvarych,
D.Sc. (Literature), Professor

Office Address:

2 Stasyuk Str.,
Chernivtsi, 58000, Ukraine
tel.: (03722)3-52-80,
e-mail: clg-edu_Ѓ?‹@¬АWеchnu.edu.ua

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