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Yuriy Fedkovych
Chernivtsi National University,
2 Kotsjubynskyi Str.
Chernivtsi 58012,
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The College of Chemistry

The College offers 4-year (Bachelor degree) and 5-year (Specialist and Master degree) programs (full-time, part-time and external) in:

  • Chemistry
  • Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Environmental Management

There are four departments: Inorganic Chemistry; Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Physical Chemistry and Chemical Industry Ecology; Analytical Chemistry.

The Faculty numbers seven full professors; sixteen associate professors and thirteen assistant professors.

The Inorganic Chemistry Department focuses on the research of the defective structure of semiconductors of IIIV group (specially CdTe) in the solid and liquid environment; the investigation and computer modeling of the spectrum of private and admixture point defects; diffusion, solubility and segregation of admixtures in CdTe; the investigation of self-compensation processes in the crystals; measuring of the electric, detective and optical properties of specially prepared crystals; the diagrams of CdTe-admixture state by methods of physical and chemical analysis; transformations in the solid/liquid CdTe at the melting point, after-melting phenomena, overcooling.

The Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department does research in the synthesis of new biologically active phosphorus and nitrogen containing combinations of aromatic and heterocyclic bases, interaction between the structure and biological activity, new effective stimulators of plants growth and anti-microbe chemicals; the reactions of peroxides to the superbasic environments; and antioxidant systems.

The Analytical Chemistry Department does research in the atom absorbing analysis, photocatalysis of semiconductors, the development of new photosensitive materials on their basis and creation of the photoadditive technology of printed cards production; electroanalytical chemistry; physical chemistry of the surface of semiconductors, the formation of complexes in the solutions of organic acids, the refinement of sewage by natural mineral sorbents, etc.

The Physical Chemistry Chemical Industry Ecology Department does research in physical and chemical processes in unbalanced and balanced systems, regulations of resistance in suspensions, the phenomenon of transition due to external and internal thermodynamic forces; kinetics of electrode processes, the creation of ecologically safe processes of chemical technological processing of metals and fusions as well as production and study of coal-water slurries.


Oleksandr S. Lyavynets,
D.Sc. (Chemistry), Professor

Office Address:

25 Lesya Ukrainka Str.,
Chernivtsi 58000, Ukraine
tel.: (0372)58-48-40,
e-mail: clg-chemC@ruchnu.edu.ua

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